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It’s a very exciting time here at Kindful Body & Mind! I have just launched my brand new coaching programme ‘Summer of Self-Love‘ and am ready to begin coaching a group of amazing women and support them on their journey to body acceptance!

I thought this would be the perfect time to write about coaching and what you can expect when working with me!

Let’s start with what coaching is not – and it can be a common misconception, coaching is not counselling or therapy. Given I work very closely with women who struggle with body image issues, it can sometimes be relevant for us to touch on any underlying mental health concerns.

Although not always the case, negative body image can contribute to eating disorders and poor mental health. Coaching women who are experiencing negative body image is not a substitute for advice provided by mental health professionals and I always encourage clients to seek additional support if needed.

Counselling and psychotherapy usually start by diving deeply into a client’s past and then working with them to overcome psychological or emotional issues. Coaching, on the other hand, involves less time dissecting a client’s past and instead focusing on the present and the future. In some cases, coaching can work quite well alongside counselling and psychotherapy.

So, what is coaching?

I like to think of my role as a coach like a personal trainer, except I help you with your self-love goals.

Anybody can go to a gym or fitness class and work out on their own, but what do you do if you want some help with motivation and accountability? Hire a trainer! And just like self-love, anyone can feel comfortable & confident in their own body but sometimes we just need a little extra support – and that’s where I am here to help you!

As a coach, I’ll hold space for you.

A safe space for you to discuss your self-love goals, the challenges you’re facing and what’s holding you back in life.

We will work together to help you to identify your goals, yes – goals – because I assure you it’s not just self-love you desire. We will dig a little deeper and find out exactly what it is you want. Sometimes our head and our heart are saying different things, so we’ll work together to uncover what it truly is that you desire.

Not gonna lie, setting goals can be scary, so it’s my job as a coach to help you break down your desires and organise them into tangible (and manageable) goals.

what is coaching

I know exactly what it's like to be unhappy with your body.

I spent years at war with myself. I spent most of my time obsessing over how I looked and how I could change my body. I dreaded the warmer weather because it meant I would need to wear clothes that showed more of my body than I wanted to. I avoided the beach, swimming pools – anything that would require a swimsuit because I thought my body was unworthy of being seen.

But then I found freedom.

I started embracing my body. Appreciating it for the things it allowed me to do, rather than focusing on the way it looked. I wore a bikini to the beach for the first time in 15 years – and guess what? The world didn’t end! I no longer dread summer because I have found peace within my body. I wear clothes that make me feel good & don’t let the number on the scales or the size on the tag decide how I feel about my body.

I can’t wait to work with you!

PS. If you are ready to make friends with your body this summer, book your FREE 20-minute Self-Love Discovery Call today!

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