Welcome to Body Freedom.

For more than a decade, negative thoughts and feelings about my body ruled my life.

I was obsessed with it. And not in a good way either. Obsessed with checking it and picking it apart. Focusing on the bits that were ‘wrong’ and thinking of all the ways I could change it.

I devoted my entire existence to making my body smaller, to eating the ‘right’ foods, to working out the ‘right’ ways, and to taking up less space.

I truly believed that by having a smaller body, I would finally experience the freedom I so desperately craved. What I didn’t realise though was that by focusing on weight loss, dieting and making my body smaller, I was actually drifting further and further away from freedom.

Instead, my life was made up of a set of rigid rules.

Rules about food -What I should or shouldn’t be eating. Specific times during the day when I was/wasn’t allowed to eat. Sticking to meal plans. Counting the calories of every single piece of food that ended up in my mouth. Restricting if I had overeaten the day before.

Rules about exercise – Obsession with tracking daily steps and calories burnt. Pushing myself when I was physically and emotionally exhausted. Using exercise as punishment for overindulging in forbidden foods.

Rules about my body – Avoiding beaches and pools because I didn’t think my body was worthy of being seen in a swimsuit Choosing ‘flattering’ clothes over the outfits that were more my style. Missing out on social events because I was having a ‘fat’ day. Telling myself I will do *insert fun activity here* when I lose weight.


Are you spending all of your precious time and energy thinking negatively about your body?

Are you playing small, afraid to take up space, waiting until you hit that magic number before you start living your life?

Are you tired of following all the boring diet rules and still feel unhappy in your body?


I created The Body Freedom Project just for you.

The Body Freedom Project is a 28 day experience that offers life-changing tips, tools and insights to support and guide you to Body Freedom. It is based on a non-diet approach and instead, focuses on reframing your mindset and beliefs about your body.

Each day there is a different theme with a corresponding activity or prompt, created to help you get closer to Body Freedom and explore who you are outside of your body image. Every task included in The Body Freedom Project has helped me personally on my own journey to Body Freedom and have been tried and tested by my body image coaching clients.

I created The Body Freedom Project as a practical guide to help you create a healthier relationship with your body so that you can feel confident, worthy and free from society’s beauty and body standards. I understand how difficult it can be to go from body hate into love or even acceptance, so why not aim from freedom instead? The freedom to be your magical self, regardless of what your body looks like or how much you weigh.

Body Freedom means that we no longer allow our appearance or weight to get in between us and our desire to live the life that we love!


What's included?

Everything you need to participate in The Body Freedom Project is in the 50+ page digital workbook that you can download as soon as you sign up. It comes as an easily accessible PDF file that you can save straight to your computer or print out – there is plenty of blank space for you to do your activities if a hard copy is more your thing!

You will also receive a weekly check-in email from me for the duration of the project because I know how important it is to have someone cheering you on during a sometimes, quite challenging transformation.

In addition, as a Body Freedom Project graduate, you will receive relevant additional resources and the opportunity to join exclusive Body Freedom webinars to support you well after you have finished.

You can start The Body Freedom Project anytime you like, you can be anywhere in the world and you are totally free to go at your own pace.

Your investment: $29 AUD

How does The Body Freedom Project work?

The Body Freedom Project is designed to be an experience that you engage and participate in daily for 28 days. Whilst it is recommended that you follow the day-to-day guidance, it is not necessary to experience the benefits of The Body Freedom Project. I understand that life gets in the way sometimes and I also acknowledge that body image work can be challenging  – that is why I have created the Project in a way that can be used in a way that best suits you. There is no pressure to complete the 28 days consecutively, so please give yourself permission to use the workbook in any way that you like!

You will receive a weekly check-in email from me full of encouragement and cheer and you’ll also have the opportunity to let me know how you’re progressing and if there is something you need some additional guidance with.

The tools within this workbook are now yours for life. They were not designed to be a ‘once-off’, never to be used again. They are there for you to reflect on and implement into your life, well beyond the completion of The Body Freedom Project.

I cannot wait to guide you to Freedom!