summer body freedom

Is negative body image holding you back from living your best life this summer?

Are you feeling the pressure to lose weight before the weather heats up?

Do you want to enjoy summer without worrying about what to eat or what to wear?

Are you tired of comparing your beach body to other beach bodies?

Are you ready to let go of your ideal body beliefs and reframe your summer body mindset?

Summer Body Freedom

Welcome to Summer Body Freedom. A 6-week group coaching program designed to makeover your summer body mindset and help you shift your beliefs, thoughts and feelings about your bod!

This course was deisgned with YOU in mind and is made up of four modules based on the main areas of focus that I believe are most important in finding Summer Body Freedom. It is a mixture of self-guided learning, with new resources available each week as well as two workshop-style group coaching calls and loads of other bonuses too. You will gain insight from live calls, support from a closed Facebook group where you can work alongside your fellow Summer Body Freedom babes and your very own beach bucket full of tools that will go on to help you beyond our time together (*beach bucket not included – sorry!)

I've been there...

I’m all too familiar with the feardread and shame that summer brings with it. I’ve spent most of my life praying to a higher being to please cancel summer so I could avoid showing the world my arms, my legs and god forbid, my body in a bikini.

In the lead up to the warmer months, we begin to get bombarded with photoshopped and filtered images of the ‘ideal’ #bikinibody. I can’t count how many hours I’ve lost scrolling through my social media feeds, comparing my body to strangers online, thinking that my life would be so much better if my body looked like that.

When did summer become all about our bodies and what they should or shouldn’t look like? Why are we spending so much time thinking about our bodies and trying to change them when we could just be embracing the eff outta them? The last time I checked summer was just one of our Earth’s four seasons, not the ‘feel-bad-about-your-body-so-avoid-leaving-the-house-at-all-costs’ time of the year.

I totally get it. I know what it’s like to loathe your body. I’ve avoided beaches, pools, summer BBQs, parties and festivals, simply because I was ashamed of my body. I’ve punished myself with unhealthy detoxes, diet shakes and strict fitness regimes to prepare for beach holidays and big events. I’ve left some of the most incredible outfits back on the hanger in store because I thought my arms were too flabby or my thighs too big. I’ve covered myself up from head-to-toe, preferring to be uncomfortable and sweaty in layers than to show the world my skin.

What if I told you that you don't need to change your body to feel good this summer?

You deserve to feel confident. It’s your birthright to feel comfortable in whatever you want to wear this summer. You are absolutely allowed to give up diet rules and food shame to create a more joyful life. I’m here to help you navigate this process and help you unlearn everything you have been taught about bodies.

It’s time to stop focusing on who you should be and start accepting the amazingness that you are! We all deserve to feel worthy in our bodies – regardless of our gender, size, shape, age, colour or abilities. Your worth is not defined by your weight or your appearance. If you wanna rock that bikini, you do it! Because guess what? Every BODY can have a bikini body. And if you don’t want to wear a bikini, that’s cool too. You do you, boo! I’m here to support you regardless of what Summer Body Freedom goals are!

I truly believed that losing weight would make me happier, I’d finally be gifted with the “beach body” I so desperately desired! I’d be confident and wonderful and my life would be perfect.

Although it took me a long time to figure it out, I finally discovered that no diet would ever make me feel at peace in my body. It took some work to unlearn all the negative things I had learnt about my body over the years, but with the right support and the right tools, I was able to begin my journey Body Freedom.

Now it is my gift to share with you the most important insights, tips and tools that I have used to experience my very own Summer Body Freedom

And guess what? There's a place reserved right here with me - just for you!

Summer Body Freedom

- You're ready to ditch the diets and learn sustainable methods to improve your body image

- You want to learn how to shift your lifelong blocks and beliefs about your body

- You're keen to challenge diet culture, food rules and body ideals

- You want to enjoy summer without the pressure to lose weight or feeling like you need to hide your body

- You no longer want to feel guilty or shameful around food

- You want to incorporate tools in your daily life to help you increase your overall wellbeing, self-worth and confidence

- You are 110% ready to find Body Freedom, not just for summer but for all year round

Summer Body Freedom

The Summer Body Freedom program runs for six weeks and includes FOUR weekly themes as well as TWO live group coaching calls. You’ll receive materials for each theme which will include workbooks, resources, recommendations, videos and prompts to help you put your tools into practice.

You will also receive access to a closed Facebook group where I will be posting additional activities and guidance as we go. This is the place where you can also connect with other like-minded Summer Body Freedom babes to chat, ask questions and support each other. 

Ditch Diet Culture
Be Your Own Bestie
Food Freedom
Body Confidence
Group Coaching
Facebook Group

MODULE 1: Ditch Diet Culture

In our first week, we will explore and chat everything #DietCulture

  • Intro to Diet Culture – what the hell is it and what does it mean?
  • How diet culture is impacting your life and making you feel sh*t about your body
  • Explore the ways diet culture is sneaking into your life and how to rebel against it

Outcome: Gain the confidence to rebel against diet culture by exploring the flaws of dieting and changing your mindset around health/weight loss.

MODULE 2: Be Your Own Bestie

The way you speak to yourself matters. Help combat those negative thoughts and feelings about your body this summer by committing to be your own bestie

  • Learn the basics of self-compassion and why it’s important to be kind to yourself
  • Heal the relationship with your inner critic and change your self-talk
  • Reframe the beliefs you have about your body

Outcome: Create your own toolbox of techniques to help you increase your self worth, treat yo’self with compassion and shush that inner critic of yours.

MODULE 3: Food Freedom

We’ve ditched #DietCulture now it’s time to ditch the diets and change the way you think and feel about food

  • Introduction to Intuitive Eating
  • Strategies to help you overcome the pressure to lose weight for summer
  • How the feelings we have about food impacts the way we feel about our body

Outcome: Learn the foundations of Intuitive Eating and begin to feel more confident and free around food. 

MODULE 4: Body Confidence

It’s time to stop letting your body hold you back from being your AMAZING-EST self. Get body confident and boost your body-esteem

  • Get clear on what body confidence means to you
  • Tips and tools to help boost your confidence this summer
  • Change your mindset – focus on how you feel rather than how you look

Outcome: Develop kickass confidence to be yourself, to do the things that make you happy and to live the life you want to create!


In Week 3 and Week 6, you are invited to attend a group coaching call. This gives you a chance to:

  • Ask your questions to gain personalised insight
  • Discuss any concerns or challenges you may be having with the modules
  • Celebrate your wins and share your progress with the group
  • Receive additional assistance as required


Access to our closed pop-up Facebook group for the duration of the program

  • Connect with other like-minded babes on their journey to Body Freedom
  • A safe space to ask questions and support each other
  • Additional activities and guidance from Sarah during the program
  • Receive additional assistance as required

But that's not all...

Because there is nothing more I love than seeing babes finding Body Freedom, you’ll also receive:

  • Personal weekly check-in emails from Sarah
  • Your very own Body Positive Resource Guide
  • A copy of Sarah’s exclusive client-only eBook ‘Lessons I Have Learnt: Healing My Relationship With My Body’
  • Super special bonus module – ‘Self Care For Body Freedom’

Are you ready to experience Summer Body Freedom? We start January 20th!

What Sarah's coaching clients have said...

Summer Body Freedom

Your investment:

Once off payment of $349 AUD (usually $449)


2 x payments of $199 AUD (usually $249)


When does the early bird discount price end?

You have until the 13th January to take advantage of the early bird price, saving you $100!

As per my financial accessibility policy, if you are a student or on low income (eg. disability support, concession), I offer 15% off my services. Email for more details:

Is this course only for summer babes?

Nope! I welcome winter babes from around the globe with open arms. We’ll be chatting a lot about summer and how it impacts the way we feel about our body but the course content is super useful regardless of the season! You know how they say “summer bodies are made in winter”… I say Summer Body Freedom can be made all year round!

What if I am unavailable to attend a live group call?

While I absolutely, highly recommend that you attend – don’t stress if you’re unable to attend them. I will be recording them and they will be available for replay 24 hours after. You will also have the opportunity to submit your questions prior to the call!

Do I have to join the Facebook group?

There is no obligation to join, however, this is where I will be conducting bonus guidance, support and trainings during the program. If you don’t feel comfortable using your personal profile, you are more than welcome to create an alias – just let me know!

How much time should I be dedicating to the program?

I recommend at least 1-2 hours per week. That gives you enough time to watch the trainings, complete the tasks and start putting the resources and tools in to practice.

How do I organise a payment plan?

To arrange a payment plan, click the link below. The first payment will be required to secure your place and the second payment is due prior to the commencement of Week 4 (this will be sent via invoice).

When does Summer Body Freedom start and finish?

The first day of Summer Body Freedom is January 20th, 2020 and our final week begins the 24th Febuary.

Hang tight, you will receive everything you need to start before the 20th (keep an eye on your inbox!)

Hurry, secure your spot now - places are limited!

Please note all prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).
If you have any further questions regarding payment, please email me:

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