I totally get it.

I know what it’s like to loathe your body, even yourself. I know what it’s like to constantly have your inner-mean girl telling you that you’re not enough, not pretty enough, not worthy enough, not skinny enough, not smart enough…

I used to replay those conversations over & over in my head – every single day.

I have doubted myself & my worth for most of my life. Even as I write this, I’m doubting myself.

But you know what has changed? Me.

I no longer let my inner-mean girl run the show. I’m the boss of my life, she is not. I won’t lie to you – she still hangs around but her voice is not as powerful as it once was.

Without her overpowering & demanding ways, I am the most grateful, joyful & hopeful I have ever been in my life.

And guess what? You can be too! Come on strike with me & claim freedom from your inner-mean girl NOW.

I am here to help you, to serve you, to guide you and support you through my coaching services.

I am ridiculously passionate about helping women find peace within themselves & their bodies. To feel confident & accepting of who they are & to stop focusing on who they should be. To feel worthy in their bodies & also understand that their worth is not defined by weight, or appearance, or relationship status, or the food that they eat. I want women to feel supported in this messy world & free from the expectations of society & diet culture.

You are incredible & you deserve to feel all of these amazing things! Deep inside you already know how hella worthy you are, I’m just here to bring your magic to life.

Let's do this, girl.

I've got your back.

self care session

Also known as a Self-Care check-up for your soul!

The Self-Care Session includes:

– Self-care questionnaire to help us uncover exactly what is going on for you right now & how you can incorporate more kindfulness into your life.

– 1 x 90-minute video conference session via Zoom

– A personalised session to suit you and your needs. We’ll have a chat about life & go through some tools you can start using to help you feel empowered, confident & joyful TODAY!

– Follow up email from me with a summary of our session including worksheets & resources as needed.

– Discount offer on 3-month coaching packages

A Self-Care session is for you if...

– You already have some wellbeing goals you’re working towards but just need a bit of extra support.

– You’re not quite yet ready for ongoing coaching & want to know how it can benefit you.

– You want to learn more about taking care of yourself – body, mind & soul.

– You’re overwhelmed with everything ‘personal development’ & aren’t sure where to start.

– You’re interested in exploring concepts such as mindfulness, gratitude & self-compassion.

– You just need some support & guidance from someone who “gets” it.

Your investment:

$85 per session

Schedule your next Self-Care Session via email or click
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coaching package

The Self-Love Coaching package includes:

– Pre-coaching questionnaire to explore what’s happening in your life right now & what it is you truly desire from our coaching series.

 1 x 90-minute introductory video conference session via Zoom. In this session, we’ll unpack & chat about the themes that have come up in your pre-coaching questionnaire, We’ll start talking all things goals & pick 2-3 intentions to work through during our sessions.

5 x 60-minute fortnightly sessions* to help you take action & work through your goals & intentions. We’ll discuss your challenges & celebrate your wins & I will continue to support & guide you through your journey! (*Weekly options available – just ask!)

Emailed summary after each coaching session PLUS worksheets & resources as required.

Your very own personal cheerleader & email support in between sessions.

The option to join the Kindful Body & Mind exclusive Facebook group.

The Self-Love Coaching Package is for you if...

– You struggle with self-acceptance & are ready to make some life-changing changes!

– You’re sick of listening to your inner-mean girl & you are finally ready to make peace with her.

– You are tired of feeling the pressure to look, act, eat & exercise a certain way.

– You want to become friends with your body & feel comfortable in your own skin.

– You never want to go on another diet again (the only exception is the diet from dietculture!)

– You’re interested in exploring concepts such as mindfulness, gratitude & self-compassion.

– You want to work with a coach who understands what you’re going through. She’s lived through the mess & come out of the other side (but also acknowledges that life is perfectly imperfect & that’s okay!).

– You are super serious to make some changes, dedicated to working together – not just on our calls but also in your own time (it’s worth it, I promise!).

Your investment:



3 monthly payments of $165

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Please note all prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD). Full payment of services is required prior to appointment via PayPal or Bank Deposit. Payment plans are invoiced each month and must be paid prior to your next scheduled session. If you have any further questions regarding payment, please email me: