Body Positive Christmas Coaching

Body Positive Christmas Coaching

This time of year can be incredibly overwhelming, especially when it comes to our relationship with our bodies and food! It’s often stressful enough without the body image and food rules bullsh*t that makes an appearance during the festive season.

For a limited time during December, I will be offering once-off 1:1 90-minute coaching sessions. These sessions will guide and support you to implementing strategies that can help you survive and thrive this silly season.

If you are feeling anxious in the lead up to the holidays, these sessions are a great way to help you ease some of those fears. They will leave you feeling confident and empowered to be yourself.

A Thrive & Survive session is for you if you are finding Christmas, holidays or any specific upcoming events, challenging.


Negative thoughts and feelings about your body can be a result of both internal and external influences.

– Will you be spending the holidays with people who are speaking critically about their own body and/or other people’s bodies?

– Do you expect to receive unsolicited comments about your body and/or your health?

– Are you unsure about how to set boundaries with your fellow guests?

– Are you feeling critical of your own body in the lead up to the holidays?

– Do you compare your bodies to other?

– Are you concerned about judgement from your family and/or friends, especially if your body has changed since the last time you saw them?


With the main event of the day revolving around food, either a large lunch or dinner feast (sometimes even both!), we are encouraged to indulge during the holidays. We’re also told to enjoy our meals in moderation and reminded not to forget our diets. It’s all incredibly complicated!

Food plays a big role in the celebrations, which means it can possibly bring up feelings of guilt and shame for some of us. For example, you may be concerned about overindulging, eating ‘forbidden’ foods and feeling out of control around food. If this is the case, you may find yourself feeling triggered to engage in dieting behaviours after the holiday period.

In addition to the internal pressure to restrict and limit our food intake, we may have to deal with external influences too. There might be diet talk at the table from other family members, chatter about food rules or comments about your own or other’s food choices.


Once you book in your session, you will receive a link to a pre-coaching questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed for you to reflect and provide some insight as to what’s happening in your life and what you are wanting to work on. Completing this questionnaire before our session means that we can dive straight into working together and make the most of our time!

During our session, we’ll have a chat about what’s going on for you and I will then help you create a personalised action plan. We’ll set some strategies for you to implement to help you with your challenges. Depending on your needs, tools and resources may include:

– self-compassion
– mindfulness
– gratitude
– intuitive eating practices
– self-care strategies

After our session, you’ll receive an email summary of our session, along with any relevant worksheets and resources we discussed.

But wait, there's more!

For two weeks after our session, you will have access to text-based support, either via email, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Note: you will receive a reply within 24 hours, please also be aware that this is not crisis support. This is useful if you are experiencing any challenges, want to share your wins or just need to check-in with someone who ‘gets it’.

The Thrive & Survive sessions are conducted via video call (Zoom) and open to Australian and international clients. It’s also a great opportunity to get a taste of what coaching involves and how it can benefit you without committing to a full series.

You don’t have to be concerned with body image issues, specifically during the festive season. If the way you feel about your body is currently impacting your wellbeing, regardless of the season or time of year, Thrive & Survive may still benefit you. Regardless of where you are in your journey, I am here to support you.

Your investment: $95 (AUD) per session NOW $80 AUD until 31st December

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire must be completed prior to your session.
  • All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).
  • If you are unable to attend your scheduled time, it is your responsibility to inform me and reschedule at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in a $40 fee.
  • If you no longer wish to proceed with your Thrive & Survive session, you must inform me at least 24 hours in advance to receive your full refund. Failure to do so will result in a $40 fee.
  • Please inform me if you are going to be late to our scheduled session. If it is any longer than 15 minutes, we may need to reschedule, depending on availability.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about payment or the coaching session, please email me at

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