"Sarah is a fierce and passionate advocate for body and mind wellbeing. Her workbooks, social media presence and Body BFF Bootcamp course have encouraged me to be more mindful of how I am thinking and how I am talking about my body, as well as helping me in my body positivity journey.

In addition to be an amazingly positive and beautiful person, Sarah has helped me to rethink my relationship with my body so that I can appreciate it for all that it does for me and all that it is in the present moment".

- Remi G.

"When I first connected with Sarah, I was struggling with my relationship with my body, food and exercise. I felt like I was completely disconnected from my body’s signals. Exercise had become something I didn’t enjoy because I saw it as being intrinsically linked to weight-loss and compensating for what I ate. I didn’t respect my body and had been trying to change it because I thought there was something ‘wrong’ with it.

From our first session together, the support and guidance I received from Sarah was truly wonderful. I felt safe and supported throughout the whole process and appreciated Sarah’s compassion and understanding. Normally, it can be quite difficult to open up to a stranger but from the very beginning I always felt comfortable sharing with Sarah, she was so easy to talk to, it was like chatting with a friend!

Working with Sarah really allowed me to recognise that I could appreciate myself as I am and that I don’t need ‘fixing’. During our time together, I was able to rediscover my enjoyment of all foods without restriction. I started incorporating more movement and exercise into my life again, with the shifted focus to wellbeing and enjoyment. I came to the realisation that my life-long dieting was doing more harm than good and have made a commitment to ending the diet cycle.

Sarah is one of the kindest and compassionate people I have ever met. She creates an incredibly safe space for her clients and knows how to adjust her coaching practices to suit individual needs. Being able to talk to Sarah about our shared experiences and realising that I wasn’t alone was so helpful. During our time together I have experienced a huge amount of personal growth and development and I am so grateful to Sarah for this".

- Fiona D.


"People tend to use the term "life-changing" so flippantly these days that it tends to lose its meaning but to say my coaching experience with Sarah was anything less than that would be doing her a great disservice. Sarah has truly has changed my life.

Before I started working with Sarah, I was drowning in self-hate. I was years into my binge-eating disorder recovery and had immersed myself in all of the body positive, fat positive and HAES related literature I could get my hands on, yet I still could not accept my body, or myself, for what and who I was. I just felt like nothing could help me achieve body neutrality, let alone even liking my body.

Working with Sarah was like being guided on a body acceptance, self-love and self-care journey by your best friend. She was always unfailingly kind and generous with her time, knowledge and resources and always went above and beyond to help me in achieving my goals. There were many times that Sarah helped facilitate absolute life-changing realisations for me; things I never would've learnt about myself alone. No matter where I was mentally, physically or emotionally in my journey, she was always there. If I was struggling with feelings of self-doubt, she was there with encouraging, warm and kind words. If I was displaying self-sabotaging behaviours by not completing actions to achieve my goals, she was never negative or angry. Instead, she asked me what we could do to help me achieve my goals; she made so many suggestions and helped me work on solutions together. She was always kind, but firm when she needed to be.

Before I started this coaching series, I could barely look at myself in the mirror. Any thoughts I had about myself were almost ALL negative. Since working with Sarah, I don't just feel neutral about myself, I actually LIKE myself. I'm able to feel content in my body and express myself in ways that bring me joy. I'm able to look after myself so that I can feel free and focussed. And SOME days, I even LOVE myself. Sarah has given me all the tools and lessons to continue this journey for the rest of my life. I'll never be able to thank her enough.

- Louise, writer, Lou's Little Kitchen

"Working with Sarah has completely changed the way I see myself, changed the way I look at myself in the mirror and changed the way I live my life. The way that I believed I looked stopped me from leaving the house some days, but now, even if I have a bit of self-doubt, I leave the house with confidence.

I've learnt to accept that my body is beautiful, my flaws are to be loved and that no one is perfect. I would have never gotten to this stage if it wasn't for Sarah!"

- Shannon L.


"I have had the privilege to work with Sarah and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Sarah is kind, compassionate and inspiring and her style of coaching is both nurturing and encouraging.

I have made real progress in our time together and this has spread to many areas of my life. I would definitely recommend working with Sarah as she possesses a wonderful ability for others to see and witness the best parts of themselves".

- Simone A.

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