body image coaching

My body image coaching series is for you if:

- you are sick of feeling bad & hating your body

- the way you think & feel about your body is holding you back from living your life

- you've tried ALL the diets but still always end up feeling miserable about your body

- you want to free yourself from shame, guilt & rules about food

- you are tired of your inner-mean girl telling you that you're unworthy & not good enough

- you constantly compare your body negatively to others

- you wish you could feel confident in your body to wear whatever you want & do whatever you want!

- you are fed up with telling yourself "I'll do this when I lose x amount of weight"

- you are fed up with telling yourself "I'll do this when I lose x amount of weight"

- you think exercise is meant to be unpleasant, punishing & something you're not allowed to enjoy

I totally get it.

I know what it’s like to loathe your body, even yourself. I know what it’s like to constantly have your inner-mean girl telling you that you’re not enough. Not pretty enough, not worthy enough, not skinny enough, not smart enough…

I used to replay those conversations over & over in my head – every single day.

I truly believed that in order to ‘be enough’, I had to lose weight & fit into size 8 jeans – that my worthiness was based on my appearance, my weight & the number on my clothing tags.

I spent most of life at war with my body & forever finding ways that I could change it. I became obsessed with finding the one diet that would change my life. The one that would make me thin & I’d live happily ever after. I tried extreme exercise regimes, diet shakes, pills, meal plans – the lot, but most of the time I would end up feeling miserable. The weight I lost would return, and then some.

I thought it was my fault.

Every time I failed another diet or gained weight, I thought it was my fault because I had no ‘self-control’.

Until one day I realised that enough was enough. I couldn’t go on loathing myself & my body for the rest of my life!

I started to treat myself & my body like I would a best friend. I worked on healing my relationship with my body to create one that was healthier, loving and caring. I stopped focusing on changing my body and started embracing it for all that it could do for me.

My life changed. And I can help you change yours too.

body image coaching

I am super passionate about helping women find peace within themselves & their bodies.

To feel confident & accepting of who they are & to stop focusing on who they should be.

To feel worthy in their bodies & also understand that their worth is not defined by weight, or appearance, or relationship status, or the food that they eat.

I want women to feel supported in this messy world & free from the expectations of society & diet culture.

You are incredible & you deserve to feel all of these amazing things! Deep inside you already know how hella worthy you are; I’m just here to bring your magic to life!

Let's do this.

Is body image coaching for you?

Over 3 months, we’ll work together one-on-one to kickstart your journey to self-love!

During our weekly sessions, I’ll guide you to work towards your ultimate body image goals and support you to take action. This incredible coaching series includes:

Pre-coaching questionnaire

This is where we explore what’s happening in your life & what some of your body image goals are!

1.5 hour initial session

In this session, we’ll chat via video conference about your goals & get clear about what’s holding you back from body acceptance. This is where we will start laying the groundwork for your body image goals and intentions!

5 x 1 hour fortnightly sessions

Each fortnight we’ll chat via video conference to discuss your challenges, celebrate your wins and have fun along the way! During each call, we will create a personalised action plan that will help you to work towards your ultimate body image goals. I’ll introduce you to different tools that will help you to make peace with your body & begin to really feel comfortable in your own skin.

Your very own personal cheerleader

Someone who has experienced first hand what it’s like to feel unhappy in her body. Who was always always on the lookout for the next best diet & truly believed that losing weight would make her happy. I’VE BEEN IN YOUR SHOES BEFORE, BABE!

Email support in-between sessions

Because sometimes you need that little extra bit of support in-between our sessions! I totally encourage you to reach out to me between sessions so I can celebrate your wins & help you overcome any challenges. (This can be conducted via email or via a messaging app)

Worksheets and resources as required

I’ll follow up each session any with relevant worksheets and resources as required. These are always optional but to get the most out of our journey together I highly recommend utilising them – it’ll be worth it, I promise!

Access to our Facebook community

The option to join the Kindful Body & Mind private Facebook group. Here you can chat with like-minded babes for support & inspiration. One of the most important things in my journey to self-love was surrounding myself with kind and supportive people!

The result?


Eliminate body hate so you can begin to heal your relationship with your incredible body.

Eliminate body hate so you can begin to heal your relationship with your incredible body.

You can now stop focusing on how your body looks and instead, start appreciating it for all that it does. It's time for you to accept your body - right now, as it is.


No more comparing yourself to others – you will learn to appreciate your own body & how unique it is! You will realise just how beautiful body diversity is.

You will begin to feel comfortable in your own skin & develop the confidence to do things NOW – not when you weigh less. You will find the courage to wear whatever the hell you want, whenever you want to because confidence comes from within. It’s not about how you look babe, it’s about how you feel.


You are free. Free from the constant obsessing over your body, free from the negative self-talk & free from the power of diet culture.

You’re aware that you’re constantly being fed unhealthy messages about beauty standards & that the weight-loss industry profits billions of dollars per year off our insecurities.

Negative body image will no longer influence how you dress & how you live.

Yes, I'm so ready!

If you want to learn more about my signature body image coaching series, book your FREE no obligation, 30-minute discovery call today. This is your chance to let me know how I can serve and support you on your journey to self-love. I’m available to answer any questions or concerns you might have and most importantly, make sure we’re the right fit for each other – think of it like speed-dating… but not as awkward!

Your investment:

3 monthly payments of $165


A one-off payment of $460

Schedule your FREE discovery call here or email me to express your interest in body image coaching!

Please note all prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD). Full payment of services is required prior to our first session via PayPal or Bank Deposit. Payment plans are invoiced each month and must be paid prior to your next scheduled session. If you have any further questions regarding payment, please email me: