Teaching Women Self-Love For Body, Mind and Soul

Does the idea of loving yourself seem impossible?

Are you tired of listening to your inner mean girl?

Do you feel the pressure to look & act a certain way?

Does fear control your life?

Do you feel insecure in your body?

For most of my life, I have let my inner mean girl dictate my every move. She was manipulative, destructive and unkind but I relied on her – after all, she was all I had ever known! My inner mean girl consumed me. I became everything that she wanted me to be. She taught me it was selfish to put myself first, that I had to look a certain way to be successful and that I was unworthy of living an authentic and fulfilled life.

Nasty, right?

After years of putting up with her bullsh*t, a good friend once asked me this question. One that would change my life and one that will absolutely change yours too!

Would you speak to someone you love the way you speak to yourself?

It got me thinking… well, actually, no I wouldn’t!

So, why was I speaking so horribly to myself? Why was I constantly doubting my abilities to do things in life? Why did I believe I was undeserving of success, joy and love?

Somewhere along the path of life, we forget to treat ourselves with love. Often, we are too focused on what others think of us and who society tell us we have to be! Sound familiar?

But the good news is...

You can learn how to heal yourself, free yourself and love yourself again just by including a whole bunch of kindness and compassion into your daily life!

Not only will I be sharing my journey to kindfulness with you, I will also be helping you create a healthier relationship with your body, mind and soul because I believe that’s what you truly deserve!

I know exactly what it’s like to have your inner mean girl critiquing your every move – making you feel unworthy, unhappy and unmotivated every single day.

Most of us just accept our inner mean girl as part of who we are. We aren’t taught the skills needed to challenge her thoughts and behaviours and as a result, we continue to live our lives stuck within our comfort zones and lacking the confidence to truly be ourselves.

Once I finally freed myself from my inner mean girl, my life changed

+ My mental health improved dramatically

+ I found self-acceptance

+ I was able to let go of perfectionism

+ I discovered the importance of regular self-care

+ I gained confidence and became comfortable in my body

+ and so much more!

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